Top 25 B2b Blogs Every Marketer Should Follow For Content Inspiration

Finding Instagram accounts that aren’t already highly popular may give me an advantage for growing my follower group. In other words, if I like or comment on their posts, smaller Instagram accounts are more likely to return engagement than someone who has too many followers to keep up with. It’s worth it to follow users with only a few hundred followers as well as those with thousands. Since Instagram only allows one link in an Instagram bio, many bloggers use a link treeinstead of a link to their homepage.

Hubspot is an American developer and marketer known for teaching inbound marketing, sales, and customer services. We can say it’s a digital library consisting of multifarious eBooks and guides. HubSpot helps entrepreneurs with their latest marketing insights, concepts, and inspirations to support them to market in a wiser and faster way. In a report, it is estimated that HubSpot generated $255,000 in revenue in 2007. It mainly provides the tools for social media marketing, content management, web analytics, landing pages, customer support, and search engine optimization.

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You don’t have to limit yourself to other bloggers either, often I’ve found that notable brands in your niche are more than willing to co-host a webinar . It’s a good way to show off their product or service to your audience and still provide something useful to everyone that shows up. If you were to instead have an in-person business, you’d hope that people in your local community would tell each other about the excellent product or service you provide. If you had an auto repair shop, you’d want everyone in town with a car to tell their friends and neighbors that you have the best service around.

Industry experts write most of the articles on the blog, so you can always be sure to expect fresh and relevant strategies. Additionally, Hubspot has a digital library stocked with eBooks and guides to help boost your marketing strategies. SEO is one of the most significant digital marketing elements, and if you are looking to improve your SEO skills, you should be following the Moz Blog.

Social Pilot

He is famously known for his best digital marketing blogs and as the author of Ubersuggest – a popular SEO tool. His digital marketing blog ideas present a treasure of insight into email marketing, SEO, social media marketing, digital marketing, and content marketing. He is one of the best digital marketers that has successfully built his own companies like CrazyEgg and KISSMetrics. He always keeps his audience updated about every update in digital marketing ideas 2022.

marketing blogs

This helps organize the content and move the conversation along, all while keeping the reader’s attention. Much like others on this list, Single Grain write articles about marketing, but where they really excel, is when they think outside of the box. Whatever you’re looking for in a marketing blog, chances are, Buffer has you covered. Having grown Wine Library, VaynerMedia, and most recently Empathy Wines, it’s safe to say Gary knows a thing or two about marketing a business. Search Engine Journal is one of the most respected websites in the world of search engine optimisation and marketing.

Email Marketing Is The Most Effective Channel To Drive Results, Research Shows

You’ll learn a whole lot about marketing if you were to take the time to read some of their best blog posts. But it can’t stand alone; companies need content marketing to build trust and position them as helpful resources. Whether you stick with the above blogs, or go on a following spree, start building a portfolio of go-to RSS feeds or a Twitter list of your own favorite marketing resources. Blogs are one of the easiest ways to gain actionable insights and to learn consistently, and there’s no excuse for not keeping up – especially now that you know who to start with. As digital marketers, we’re often forced to quickly become strong content creators.

Their blog features references that address end-to-end marketing problems, including relevant articles on navigating through the current world crises. The website reflects the agency’s effectiveness in marketing, which in itself is a great hallmark of their skill. The Quuu blog features a lot of marketing aspects, but most seem to be geared towards brand visibility and quality. Creators and business-owners need to produce a good quality product, so they can maintain any visibility and traction they gain. There are also many allusions to working smarter, not harder as a way of maximizing the opportunities present. Their blog greets you with a large display of their latest articles, with black headers that correspond to their categories.

Their blog consists of relevant articles that cover how to maneuver ads to make them more appealing and clickable for their target customers. These blog articles are updated on an almost daily basis, with topics ranging from handling negative customer feedback to the latest marketing trends. To sum up, if you are looking for helpful content related to advertising, this is one of the places you should be at. The SH1FT Digital blog is one of the most aesthetically pleasing marketing blogs out there. They even create their own illustrations to fit the style and topic of the article.

One thing I routinely practice is contacting everyone I’ve mentioned in a recent blog post, to let them know that I included them in my content and encourage them to check out what I wrote. You can help market your blog by tastefully mentioning influencers in your content—and then sending them a link to the blog post that featured them. At the center of my own blog design, I like to use a lot of white space to keep my reader’s eyes focused on the text and images on my blog. This clean design makes it easy for people to navigate my blog and find important elements without being visually distracted. You can do the same thing to market your blog’s brand as a more high-level entity than just an individual blog post. It’s estimated that TikTok has over 800 million active users—most of which are in the Gen Z and Millennials age range (15-30-year-olds primarily).

For this reason, the blog could be a great source of information for beginners and pros alike. If you want to stay on top of the game regarding SEO-related news, then you’ll love the Moz Blog. The article is exhaustive, insightful, and provides practical tips. The best thing about Social Media Examiner is the current tips and trends it provides to keep you updated.

If you wish to keep yourself updated with the latest social media-related news, this is a good place to start. Social Media Examiner has been one of the top blogs to get social media-related information, best social media tools to grow your brand. Copybot also belongs to the 20 Best Digital Marketing Blogs to follow the list category. The blog shares information related to web writing and content marketing advice.

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