15 Marketing Blogs To Follow For Their Expertise & Best Practices

You’ll learn about every aspect of marketing and also delve deep into industry-specific strategies and trends. There are hundreds of digital marketing blogs in the world, all creating value for their readers in different ways. However, you can’t follow every digital marketing blog on the internet. We have handpicked the ten best blogs you should follow in 2022 and beyond. These publications share up-to-date content on emerging trends and new marketing tips, techniques, and perspectives. Marketing professionals can incorporate these ideas in their digital marketing campaigns to enhance their online marketing efforts.

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With the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, more and more people opt for contactless payment. Naturally, it’s important for restaurants to offer as many online payment options as possible. But that’s not it- there’s also payment technology out there that offers guests an option to split the bill, further elevating the guest experience. Mobile payment technologies offer a lot more convenience to customers. With the growth of contactless dining, online waitlisting is becoming a necessity. This kind of software lets customers make reservations online instead of picking up the phone or waiting in a long queue.

Animalz is a content marketing agency that offers clients a range of services, including SEO research and content production. It specializes in creating content for SaaS companies, VC firms, and startups. Buffer is the place to go for social media marketing tips and tricks.

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There’s a wealth of ultra-helpful, current, andfree content that can be accessed anytime, anywhere – even when you’re far away from your office. The blog is full of only practical, how-to guidance, insights, and advice from the experts. B2B Digital Marketers has been teaching people how to effectively apply digital marketing strategies. Not bland corporate content created for sake of targeting keywords.

In this list, I have compiled a list of my top 40 content marketing blogs that you need to be reading daily. Actually, think of these as 40 different digital marketing skills that you need to grow your business as every blog teaches specific skills. Copyblogger began as a content marketing blog back in 2006 — but it’s grown and expanded substantially since then. Unbounce offers an easy-to-navigate one-stop solution for content development and management.

To all proactive marketers who are always ready to learn from other fellow marketers, here is a list of digital marketing blogs to look out for in 2020. This list does not only contain all popular blogs that you would find anywhere else. We are using this opportunity to introduce some blogs you haven’t heard of before.This is an unranked list. It didn’t settle with being one of the best Search Engine Marketing tools out there.

Avinash Kaushik is the digital marketing evangelist at Google, and is the co-founder of Market Motive. This is his blog where he shares his thoughts about web analytics and analysis. The Buffer blog delivers articles with effective and actionable social media tips to help you get ahead of the game. So many marketers have learned from HubSpot’s various resources over the years that the principles behind the company’s “inbound methodology” model has become the standard for contemporary marketing. HubSpot is also an example of marketing automation done right in so many ways. But as many marketers learn the hard way, marketing an information product will be a new challenge.

Authored by Copybloggers’ crack team of writers, the blog focuses exclusively on the content writing niche. With quick tips and ideas, like fighting procrastination and generating fresh ideas, Copyblogger is a good place for writing who have been at it a while and are looking for new inspiration. After all, it’s essential to improve the writing on your Content Marketing blog andemail marketing.

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A lot of the folks we talked to vote for Patel’s blog as one of the best B2B blogs. Clickable ads – These are flashing clickable areas on top of the e-paper adverts that allow the user to navigate straight to the advertiser’s website by clicking or tapping the ad. Website content – This is the written, auditory, or visual content published on a website.

Buffer’s blog helps business owners and marketers to build successful brands and grow their businesses on social media. With new technologies and trends like voice recognition, search engines, and social media usage, digital marketing methods are constantly evolving. These contribute positively to the most up-to-date and cutting-edge tactics. Thus, SEM companies and digital marketing services are prevalent nowadays for businesses to seek help from their expertise. However, similar to traditional marketing, some sectors where digital marketing and SEM agency’s services excel, and others fail. Copyblogger – Educates readers on how to “create killer online content.” Offers information on all aspects of content marketing blogs, from copywriting to SEO and social media.

So if you’re a seasoned marketing veteran, or someone who’s just looking to get into digital marketing, this blog is worth checking out. Crazy Egg is an analytics platform that helps to track and optimize websites to improve user experience and boost conversions as a result. It was founded by Neil Patel and Hiten Shah in 2006 who are both extremely well-known in the industry. Crazy Egg is useful for small business owners, agencies, growth marketers, and those https://link.do/redirect.php?to=https://onthevergewriting.com/ looking to move away from Google analytics. On their blog, you can find many posts that are related to improving user experience. You will find many actionable tips on improving a website, and on optimizing a sales funnel.

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Although Adobe is known for their computer software, their blog tells much more. Adobe’s Digital Marketing Blog shares a variety of info bordering digital marketing, personalization, campaign management, social media, web analytics, search marketing and more. Despite a digital platform connecting remote agents across the enterprise, the company decided to launch multiple newsletters, one for each country piloting the content marketing program.

This is why it breaks down trends and news with Scaefer’s expert comments, helping you understand things in depth. In short, if you’re looking to add a few short-form pieces to your reading list, this blog is the one to follow. “HubSpot goes beyond standard blog content by offering tools, templates, and a full-fledged academy of online courses.” – Ben Maguire.

ContactMonkey—founded in 2009—is an essential tool for internal communicators, internal marketers, and human resources. Their mission is to help organizations overcome communication barriers, engage employees, boost the business’ bottom line, and align organizational departments towards a shared goal. Their blog provides the latest information and best practices on internal communications and employee engagement. In addition to their blogs, they have an extensive resource page where they host monthly webinars and publish eBooks for site visitors. The blog consists of various marketing articles along with content in video or podcast form. A notable feature of Neil Patel’s blog is its website analyzing tool.

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