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GİTO Teknik Denetim ve Gözetim şirketi is a global pioneer inspection, verification, testing, checking, and certification company in food, medical, industrial and oil fields. It also provides complete services of quality and conformity in most countries of the world.

We are a group of international teams specialized in providing solutions in order to make your business faster, simpler, and more efficient. Our core inspection, verification, and certification competencies are continuously being improved in order to be the best-in-class because they are at the core of what we are.


We are a group of international teams specialized in providing solutions

Our Mission

Wherever you are in the world, in whatever industry, you can rely on GITO team of experts to provide you with specialized solutions that make your business faster, simpler, and more efficient. This is achieved through its quest to be the best in competition and service planning making you the world’s number one whether you are an importer, an exporter, salesman, plant owner, or a merchant. GITO inspection services is specified in eliminating risk and improving quality which constitute our ambition to be our clients’ most trusted partner.

Our Vision

One of our most important goals is achieving global leadership and scientific reference in standardization, conformity assessment, and specifications and quality upgrading of products and services. This lets our clients gain their customers’ trust. We are keen to act on behalf of our clients in any part of the transaction, the commercial or industrial process. We strive to embody our enthusiasm, integrity, productivity, and the spirit of innovation. We seek constant and continuous pursuit of excellence in our work.

Our Strategies

We achieve this success by doing our work professionally and showing the highest degree of love and respect to all our customers, suppliers, and employees. We believe in building lasting relationships based on trust and cooperation which is a secondary product of effective and responsive services. We are a global family that values diversity. We trust each other and enjoy winning together. We own and shape our future making continuous growth for all.


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