Top 7 B2b Marketing Blogs Worth Reading In 2022

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram want to make money too—which is why it’s challenging to get free organic reach through these platforms. Now when it comes to posting my own content, it’s also important to post often—and post different images promoting the same articles, multiple times. I recommend creating at least 3 to 5 pins for every blog post you publish in order to get the most out of your blog marketing efforts on Pinterest.

Both features make sorting through articles easier since similar tags are easy to access. WakeupData is an eCommerce feed management business that was founded in 2014. They are based in Denmark while aiming for a global outlook, providing information and tools for businesses and agencies. The primary aim of the business is to simplify data for eCommerce agencies and online store owners so that they can take action to boost their eCommerce sales. The blog consists of various marketing articles along with content in video or podcast form.

Whatever you’re looking for in a marketing blog, chances are, Buffer has you covered. Having grown Wine Library, VaynerMedia, and most recently Empathy Wines, it’s safe to say Gary knows a thing or two about marketing a business. Search Engine Journal is one of the most respected websites in the world of search engine optimisation and marketing. Orbit Media creates massive in-depth content guides to some of the trickiest parts of the wonderful world of website design.

Social Media Marketing Blogs

For some seriously inspiring Q&As, be sure to check out the 5 Questions section. Keep reading to find out why these top branding blogs are on our daily reading list – and why you might want to add them to yours. “HubSpot goes beyond standard blog content by offering tools, templates, and a full-fledged academy of online courses.” – Ben Maguire

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Email campaigns have long been the bane of marketers’ existence. The answers reside with Vero, a purveyor of email automation software. Processes and procedures can be hard to define for first-time entrepreneurs. The guides and reports provided by MarketingProfs can be a life raft when beta testing email automation, for instance. Awesome that you enjoyed the blog Renata, and we’ll definitely check out the link you shared. Connect with us on LinkedIn, follow us on Facebook, and tweet at @EmailonAcid on Twitter for more sweet stuff and great convos on email marketing.

Compelling Reasons Why You Should Redesign Your Small Business

Either way, he shares a whole range of great marketing tips across a range of platforms. In terms of sheer content output alone, Gary Vee is an absolute machine. And sure, he has a content team surrounding him, but he creates a whole range of great marketing content on a regular basis. They create outstanding marketing resources, sample landing pages, and much more.

Moz blog covers all the details regarding SEO in the right amount of detail, making the content understandable without becoming too overwhelming. Their post on Editorial Calendar Tips, Tools, and Templates discusses the importance of using tools to help you become more productive and efficient to produce more results. It also provides you with six marketing plan examples that you could use as a guide when creating your marketing plan.

Ask Omnizant’s expert marketers to develop a strategy and recommend tools that can support your marketing goals. Building up this infrastructure can take time but the rewards are manifold. More leads, higher retention, brand affinity, increased revenue—these are just a few of the benefits you might experience after implementing a personalized marketing campaign.

They also cover industry trends using marketing tools and step-by-step guides to encourage audience growth. Yes, blogging is a form of digital marketing, particularly if you’re using your blog as a content marketing tool. When you write content that can be easily scanned and interacted with, you can connect with a larger audience. Posts on this popular blog will furnish you with a number of excellent content marketing tips to help you hone your overall content strategy. They’ve got blog posts that cover a whole range of topics, from the basics of content marketing, through to some pretty advanced topics. Mod Girl Marketing was recognized as one of the top 50 Internet marketing and search engine optimization blogs, websites, and social media accounts by SEO.Co.

Check out the site’s SEO and tech blogs for tons of relevant digital marketing tips. If you’re new to online and social marketing, make sure to take a look at the company’s helpful guide to search engine basics. One of the best social media marketing blogs for industry news is This website takes a business-focused spin on social media, updating its readers on everything from current trends to best practices in the field.

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