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If you’re a human being, then it’s likely that the first time you heard of search engine optimization, you were confused. Moz strives to sift through the algorithms and keywords of SEO to provide insights on the search engines businesses must pacify. Here, whitepapers and templates provide step-by-step guides to a comprehensive thought leadership platform. Influence & Co. specializes in creating and distributing content to influence an audience and raise the profile of a company’s key employees.

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They offer A/B and website testing solutions for their customers. Being a SaaS company producing video marketing software, Wistia coined the term brand affinity marketing. I started following Neil’s posts way back in 2015, and his personal brand has developed a lot since then. Back then, he only ran Quickspout, and not his own personal site. With 90% of Canny’s leads currently coming from our inbound website and blog traffic, I’m particularly interested in his LinkedIn and outreach type posts.

Dive into the marketing world and stay updated on the latest news, trends, strategies, and tips with the QuickSprout blog. At the moment, there are around 57 pages filled with Instagram-related content. Our guess is, you won’t need any other blog for Instagram marketing tips if you follow this one. G2 focuses on marketing, productivity, design, sales, tech, and many-many other digital environment topics. Their blog focuses on education, thought leadership, and provides a solution to business’ problems in the digital age.

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Patel’s blog features long-form articles that take an in-depth, step-by-step approach that most others don’t. Veteran personal branding expert Jane Anderson shares her breadth of experience and hidden tricks of the trade with you on her innovative blog. What we love most about her content model is that she uses real-life examples from celebrities, the media, and globally-recognized brands to support her valuable insight.

marketing blogs

Simply put, if you’re not following eMarketer on a daily basis, you’re missing out on one of the best marketing blogs available online. Chock-full of insights, data, predictions and all other sorts of helpful content, eMarkter deserves a place in your browser bookmarks. For example, when a new social network, search engine, content format or app starts trending, it wouldn’t be strategic to just jump on the bandwagon.

There are tons of blogs and websites with examples and tips you can use to develop or improve your marketing strategy. Many of the websites on our list provide services designed for specific industries — think eCommerce and SaaS companies. Others offer information about tasks such as creating social media buzz and affiliate marketing. Below you’ll find reviews of our favorite internet marketing blogs and websites, many of which offer marketing and eCommerce services to help companies of various sizes on their digital journeys.

She will have you laughing and learning with her witty explanations of tech and data. Jet-setting all over the world, reviewing cool places, offering her advice and opinions…you’ll love the real and rawness of this popular personal blog. Many people tend to think of even the best personal blogs as online diaries, they aren’t.

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Make your furry friend an Instagram star by reading the blog’s most popular posts and following the encouraging advice of professional marketers who share your enthusiasm about kittens and puppies. It serves hundreds of world-famous brands’ social experiences, so it’s safe to say Likeable Media’s marketing professionals know a lot when it comes to the highly effective social media strategy. We recommend checking out this useful resource for easy-to-read articles that will inspire you with new ideas or in-depth tutorials for using specific tools and tactics in your B2B marketing.

Their articles tackle current world issues, and they provide tips on how to alter marketing strategies accordingly. The Buffer blog has an enormous amount of content os social media marketing. It offers a wide collection of insights not only into online marketing but content marketing and social media as well. One of the few digital marketing blogs out there with a clear Content Marketing direction. CMI has mastered the teaching of content strategies through its articles.

They have a very hands-on approach to some unique business and marketing problems. For instance, their post on “Top marketing tools for SMB” has a great list of curated tools that helped my projects immensely. Their post on SMS marketing is another article that I found pretty useful.

ThePR 20/20 blog spins fresh content daily from various writers. The topics covered include strategy, content, SEO, social, PR, email and marketing technologies. And, while HubSpot actually offers 4 different blogs covering a range of topics, we recommend that you follow their marketing blog. You’ll find well-written articles on a wide range of marketing topics like content management, budgeting, social media, video marketing, and more. If you’re looking for some of the best content about search engine optimization , the Moz Blog should be on your shortlist.

Semrush is an online visibility management and content marketing SaaS platform. Increasing your company’s presence online can have major improvements in your success. The list of the best digital marketing blogs wouldn’t be complete and valid without Social Media Today. On this blog, experts continuously conduct unique research on how trends in the field of online marketing are changing and predict the further development of the industry. Whatagraph blog content is focused on providing digital marketers with the latest industry updates and marketing information.

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