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In short, if you’re looking to add a few short-form pieces to your reading list, this blog is the one to follow. And, it’s that it “is conversational and simple, and it also focuses on the content from a customer perspective, which any marketer will understand the importance of,” adds Miller. Another popular name in this list of best B2B blogs that several of our respondents shared is that of the HubSpot blog. If you’re a reading enthusiast, there’s no such thing as too many B2B blogs.

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But a few more interesting include web demographics, media buying, and marketing technology. It’s open to accepting articles from independent writers if they follow G2 guidelines. The set of different writers provides a unique approach to every topic covered. Crowdfire appreciates well-written articles, so if you think you want to write an article or two for them, feel free to get in touch with the blogs’ team.

With your goals and budget in mind, figure out the best marketing channels to reach your target customers. If your target market is seniors who own their own homes, direct mail postcards or door hangers could be good marketing channels. For millennials, however, digital channels such as social media, online review sites, or paid search advertising could be better solutions. Smart and purposeful content always wins, and CoSchedule does this as well as any of the top content marketing blogs.

Thank you for sharing this valuable blog list with us; it will be very useful in keeping ourselves updated in 2021. This is nice information at has also complete Digital marketing points and it provides some new ideas to do something new. Good content it’s lengthy with more information and you have shared what others are not sharing. Your content is the only one that is really informative and easy to understand with clear sentences.

Unbounce is another company whose resources go far beyond the blog where it’s all centralized. Overall, this blog is the gold standard for the industry, sharing a great mix of evergreen, strategy-focused information like insight on developing buyer personas and copywriting techniques. But that’s also balanced with more timely information like tool recommendations and advice for contending with GDPR.

Inaccurate invoicing, stealing ingredients from the pantry, short-ringing- these are just some of the security threats that come about when running a restaurant. Surveillance systems connected with a POS system serve as the best possible tools against such threats. Apart from this, restaurants also need to take into account fire safety as well as burglar protection. There are many companies that offer security solutions for these precise needs.

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Learn about the latest trends and best practices of Influencer Marketing. HypeAuditor is a data-driven influencer marketing platform for brands and agencies that helps to find the best influencer, analyze the market, track and measure influencer campaigns. The leading global source of learning and networking opportunities surrounding the affiliate marketing industry. Your go-to source for tips, tricks, and best practices in all aspects related to digital marketing. Some sub-topics may include but are not limited to Content Marketing, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, and the Future of Marketing. DIYMarketers helps you explore, find and implement creative, low cost marketing ideas.

Since 2008, Hootsuite has served as a social network integration platform. Users have access to a dashboard and connectivity that enables autonomous social media sharing. Gain tools for bulk scheduling, message scheduling, and to measure social ROI. The Hootsuite blog is also where you can train and get certified as a social media professional. Clients from Hell tells horror stories about freelancers, offering a space for freelancers and entrepreneurs to fume and vent to others who can commiserate. You can also see who’s who among the newest and most celebrated marketing professionals in this digital space.

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Though it does an impressive job of reporting, the design insights, in particular, are something that readers continually come back for. As the name suggests, Story Needle covers topics that are meant to strengthen the threads of the stories that marketers tell. The author of the blog, Michael Andrews, specializes in metadata content management for all sorts of brands. For even more useful info, be sure to check out the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast.

Brandingmag’s online offerings go deep into all facets of today’s brands, like keeping up relevance in the ever-changing digital landscape, predicting trends, and streamlining customer experience. All articles are thoughtful and well-informed, and most are written by the industry experts who know the topics best. If you’re a marketer who is looking to brush up on all things branding related, then we have good news. There’s a wealth of ultra-helpful, current, andfree content that can be accessed anytime, anywhere – even when you’re far away from your office.

And in case if you are also in search of some of the biggest digital marketing blogs, then here are the Best Digital Marketing Blogs to follow in 2020. You would need to keep yourself updated with all the recent trends and focus on what’s working. Luckily there are a number of top-quality digital marketing blogs to learn from. You use a service like Kicksta that provides Instagram-focused support. How this blog works is by helping you identify your target interests and audience—and playing matchmaker through Instagram ads and other methods. You can grow your account organically, which helps your business appear more authentic to Google and other online marketing services.

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