The 50 Best Marketing Blogs To Read In 2022

There are many companies that offer security solutions for these precise needs. With tons of food being wasted every single day, it’s important for restaurants to be responsible and minimise wastage as much as possible. As for leftover food from the day, these items can be donated to help the needy.

One of the first things Glenn and his team does on Detailed, is to show exactly why people should trust their opinions and research. This is an integral step in their blog marketing plan, because there are quite a few SEO websites out there—and cutting through the noise of competing advice can be a challenging task. On TikTok, you’ll notice that celebrities create short videos that are funny, silly and relevant to cultural events going on right now. They’re not creating a lot of videos directly promoting their new movies or TV shows, but they’re often showing a different side to their audience.

marketing blogs

Many of these multi-channel marketing examples center around lead generation , then nurturing that customer through automated email campaigns. Marketing automation ActiveCampaign landing pageAgain, we aim to convert readers to a free trial (we believe that once you try ActiveCampaign for 14 days, that’s all the convincing you’ll need). So, Demodesk creates and distributes content that demonstrates precisely why its platform is a superior tool. Demodesk is a sales engagement platform centered around a video conferencing feature.

Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

It offers comprehensive eCommerce solutions for B2B, wholesale and international concerns in the health and beauty, apparel and fashion, manufacturing, and automotive industries. Fun topics addressed on the site include video marketing, content creation, and how to effectively work from home. There’s even a blog with tips on how small businesses can quickly get started with Instagram marketing. Topics on his blog cover blogging, business ideas, social media strategies, and personal growth. Jeff has grown his blog and his name into one of the most recognized brands in the digital marketing industry.

marketing blogs

A qualified lead is someone truly interested in what you’re selling and is therefore highly likely to convert into a customer. Of course, it’s up to you to generate a qualified lead using the right digital marketing solutions and attract the best potential customers in your industry. One of the top goals in digital marketing today for any growth-oriented business is to generate new leads. Although having several thousand or tens of thousands of followers doesn’t sound “micro” at all, it really is in the world of influencers.

Get Fresh Dofollow Backlink Sites List

If your target audience is older, you may not want to spend much time promoting on this platform, but as popular and fast-spreading as it is, it may be worth trying to catch some of TikTok’s momentum. Part of growing followers on Snapchat and marketing your blog, is creating an environment that people enjoy. Snapchat is meant to be silly and entertaining, so your Snap content should fit into that atmosphere.

Graham Smith of The Logo Smith is one of the industry’s best, so it’s not surprising that his blog is jam-packed with valuable logo and design news and reviews, from oddities to case studies. Additionally, Smith does a great job of tackling the issue of brand identity and how it can be best communicated through logos and packaging choices. MediaPost’s Marketing Daily delivers the latest news on all of the newest trends in marketing and branding as they relate to the digital sphere. A great digest for brand strategists looking to broaden their view on the comings and goings of the most popular global brands. Follow Selena’s candid advice, and you’ll find yourself on that same path to success. It serves as a great refuge for those who have specific, pinpointed questions on these topics.

Many of the articles are top of the funnel to educate their audience. So readers can implement the tips and tricks and gain competitive advantages. With A Better Lemonade Stand, readers get actionable marketing advice that feels equal parts friendly, helpful, and approachable.

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